At Unlocking GR, we are looking for a writer to join us in exploring our great city, Grand Rapids.


  • Quality Writer:  Grammar and punctuation are obviously very important, but we are also looking for someone with an edge. 
  • Self-starter: At Unlocking GR, we put our hearts behind every post that we create, and we want people on our team who will do the same.
  • Curious: We're not interested in know-it-alls.  This blog is all about exploring and discovering what makes Grand Rapids great, and that requires a willingness to learn and dig a little deeper.
  • Social Media & Content Promotion: Preferably someone with knowledge and proven experience in social media and social networking technologies...and selfies don't count.
  • Blogging Experience: Previous experience in creating or maintaining a successful blog or other creative writing outlet. 
  • Photography:  Someone with true photography experience is a huge plus...once again, selfies don't count.
  • Fun: We started this journey of Unlocking GR to have fun! If you are considering being apart of our team, you have to know how to have a good time!
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