5 Current and Upcoming Distillery Bars in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is well known for its production and appreciation of craft beer. However, there is a new wave of craft coming to our neighborhood. Check out this list of current and upcoming distilleries and distillery bars in Grand Rapids.

Flat Lander's

The term "Flat Landers" refers to us folk who live on the flat lands of Michigan (or elsewhere) although, you may be more familiar with the term associated with our neighbors in the hills, or “hillbillies.” Whichever topographical region you belong to, you will feel right at home at Flat Lander's, which prides itself in a hillbilly chic atmosphere and delicious local spirits. They have coined the phrase “barstillery” to define themselves, as they use only the finest spirits distilled right here in Michigan along with Michigan brewed beer and cider. Make sure you try their signature deviled eggs and Appleshine!

Grand Traverse Distillery

Grand Traverse Distillery, located in Traverse City, is Michigan’s largest micro distillery. Northern Michigan is known for its breathtaking landscape and award winning wine, but what you may not know is that the finest rye is grown above the 45th parallel, making Traverse City the ideal location for a distillery. Grand Traverse Distillery already has a large following in Grand Rapids, so it is no surprise to us that they have just opened a tasting room in the Downtown Market. If you are a fan of good whiskey, make sure to pick up a pint of their award-winning George Rye Whiskey!


Long Road Distillery

Jon O’Conner and Kyle Van Strien, two friends and locals, have partnered together along with their passion for quality spirits to bring Long Road Distillery to Grand Rapids. Their passion for craft liquor is only rivaled by their passion for the Westside, where they have both lived for over 10 years, and where Long Road Distillery will reside on the corner of Leonard and Quarry. Once opened, they will be the first micro distillery in Grand Rapids. Conveniently situated right next to the Mitten Brewing Co. and Two Scotts BBQ, we believe that Long Road Distillery will serve as another great addition to this rapidly evolving neighborhood.


New Holland Brewing Co.

As many of us craft beer lovers are well aware, New Holland Brewing Company plans to open its doors on the corner of Bridge St. and Broadway in early 2016. However, maybe less well known, is their production of artisan spirits. In fact, they are the first craft whiskey distiller in Michigan. New Holland Brewing Co. was founded on a love for the art of craft, so you can safely assume that they stand by their philosophy and dedication to “discovering artful nuances while delivering unique and interesting spirits in their most tasteful form.” We can't wait to taste some of their works of art!

Gray Skies Distillery

Scheduled to open their doors in the summer of 2015, Gray Skies Distillery will offer its customers a range of craft whiskey, gin, bourbon and vodka made with locally sourced grains. The location is set in Grand Rapids’ North Monroe industrial district, and they hope to be a part of the growth and innovation revival of the area. With plans to have all distilling happening directly on site, including a walk through tour and tasting room, Gray Skies Distillery will most certainly be welcomed among the Grand Rapids' craft community.

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